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Rugby team captain dad catches baby son like 'a rugby ball' after wife gives birth leaning against wall outside hospital

Holding her child close to her, Vicky Green is wheeled through the foyer at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. She gave birth outside the locked doors with her husband 'catching' the baby as she leant against a wall

A mother cradles her newborn son just moments after her husband delivered the youngster 'like a rugby ball' when she unexpectedly gave birth in a hospital foyer.

Rugby team captain Jamie Green, 32, took Vicky, 28, to Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, after she went into labour unexpectedly in the middle of the night.

But when they arrived at the hospital they found the maternity unit locked and Vicky began to give birth by the time a security guard opened the front doors.

Jamie crouched behind his wife and 'caught' the newborn baby 'like a rugby ball' as she braced herself against the wall outside.

Safe and well: Proud Vicky, 28, presents her son Jonathan. He was born weighing 9Ib 4oz and the family were back home by midday

He described holding his son Jonathon tightly to his chest seconds before midwives arrived on the scene. The dramatic scenes were captured on CCTV.

Jamie, who runs a glass wholesale business, said: 'With Vicky screaming "He's coming" we parked and got across the car park to the other entrance.

'Unbelievably, the door was locked and I was banging on the door and ringing for the porter.

'He appeared and I shouted "My wife's having a baby, help" but he came back with just a wheelchair and no midwife.

'Vicky just had to pull down her trousers and I could see the head. I was standing behind Vicky and she was standing up, braced against the wall.

'I just thought it's me or nothing, I have to catch him otherwise he will hit the floor.

'I caught him like he was a rugby ball and held him tightly against my chest like I would have done in a game to keep him warm.

'I'm an OK rugby player but I've been getting some stick from my mates about my safe pair of hands because I have been known to drop a few sitters in my time.

'When Jonathon gets older we will tell him about his dramatic birth. Because it was caught on CCTV, he will have the best home video ever.'

Jamie is now named as the baby's 'father' and official 'deliverer' on his son's birth certificate and the place of birth is listed as 'ATC entrance'.

Chartered accountant Vicky, who lives with Jamie in Royston, Hertfordshire, was due to give birth at home with the help of a midwife.

But when she started feeling contractions at around 3.30am on Saturday March 5 she called the designated midwife and discovered she was away on holiday.

Two other area midwives were too busy to help and the nearest midwife would have had to travel from around an hour away in Bedford.

So Jamie, who plays hooker for Royston Rugby Club, put Vicky in the car and drove to the Rosie maternity unit at Addenbrooke's Hospital.

The department's entrance was closed due to renovations so they drove across the car park to the hospital's front doors which were also locked.

Vicky said: 'I knew there was no time left and on the next contraction he was going to be born.

'So I said to Jamie 'you're going to have to catch him'. Everybody is just laughing when they hear what happened.

'Jamie is club captain of the rugby club in Royston and now his team mates say "at least you caught something".'

Jonathon was born weighing a healthy 9Ib 4oz and the family were back home by midday.

The couple also have two sons together, William, five, and three-year-old Thomas.

A spokesman for Addenbrooke's Hospital said the maternity unit entrance was closed for renovation and the hospital's main front doors were locked at 10pm to protect staff.

Kate Hawes, senior manager of midwives at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, said access is granted when patients announce their arrival.

She said: 'Sometimes nature intervenes and despite the best-laid plans and everyone's efforts, things can change quite rapidly.' - dailymail

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