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Incredible Eye Art

Circle of life: One piece of artwork depicts a scene from the Lion King

 It's a case of blink and you'll see it. You certainly wouldn't want to moss such 'eye art.

Make-up artist Katie Alves creates these detailed drawings using just every day cosmetics to draw stunning scenes on eyelids.

One of Katie's designs inspired by Disney's Alice in Wonderland

wonderland: Katie takes many of her scenes from animated Disney films, such as Alice in Wonderland

Among her favourite are scenes from Disney animated movies like Little Mermaid, Entangled and Lion King.

Each eye can take between one and two hours to complete.

Katie said: 'One day I got the idea to do a little Halloween design on my lips, just to see if I could do it.
'It turns out I could and it evolved into what I do now.

'I have done a lot of Disney, but that's not all I do. I have dozens of non-Disney make-up as well.
One of Katie's designs inspired by Tim Burton movie Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas gets Katie's eye-art treatment

One of Katie's designs inspired by Disney movie Entangled

Her first Disney eye drawing was Snow White, but she has also drawn recent hit Entangled, pictured

'When I first started out, I did designs based on the seasons and important dates in the calendar like Christmas.

'I started with a lot of Halloween based ideas and went from there.

'I got into Disney because one of my followers requested that I do something with Snow White.

'I use regular make-up you could find at a store.'

Katie, who lives in Ontario in Canada, only started working as a make-up artist in October last year.

One of Katie's designs inspired by fairies

Dream weaver: One of Katie's designs inspired by fairies

One of Katie's designs inspired by Disney movie Aladdin

Genie-ous: This piece of work depicts the cartoon Aladdin

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