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Beautiful people are more selfish and don't make good life partners

Beautiful people: Those with symmetrical features like Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman are more likely to be selfish by nature

They may be your dream partners but research suggests that people like Kate Moss, Natalie Portman, Brad Pitt and George Clooney will not make ideal partners.

A social experiment carried out by two academics has found that people with more symmetrical features - and who are normally considered more beautiful - are more selfish by nature.

The study was carried out by Santiago Sanchez-Pages, who works at the universities of Edinburgh and Barcelona and Enrique Turiegano, who works at a university in Madrid.

The pair based their findings on the prisoner's dilemma theory - a game in which two people might not co-operate even though it would benefit them if they did.

Two players were each given the option of being a dove, which would co-operate for the greater good, and a hawk, which would be taking the more selfish option.

An option of gaining more points if the other player chose the dove and co-operated was also available.

Once the games were completed and the points collected, each player's face was analysed.

Healthy: George Clooney and Kate Moss both have symmetrical attributes

The results showed that those with symmetrical features were less likely to co-operate and chose the more selfish route, according to The Observer.

Previous research has found that those with more symmetrical looks are generally more healthy and have less of a chance of suffering from congenital diseases. As a result they are less likely to rely on others.

The report said: 'As people with symmetrical faces tend to be healthier and more attractive, they are also more self-sufficient and have less of an incentive to co-operate and seek help from others.

'Through natural selection over thousands of years, these characteristics continue to the present day.'

Both Michelle Pfeiffer and Bollywood actress Aiswarya Rai are ranked among the most beautiful women in the world

The report also examined testosterone levels and found that higher levels are usually associated with aggressiveness and suggested that 'alpha males' don't make good team players.

However the report stated that this is only partially correct with those who were exposed to higher testosterone levels in the womb being more co-operative than those with average levels.

Mr Sanchez-Pages and Mr Turiegano suggest their research could be used to help design public policies and act to help economic-based decision making.

They suggest that imposing fines and taxes on smoking, drinking or high-speed driving might not make a difference if people use them to improve their status.

Their research will be presented at the annual Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany, later this month. -dailymail

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