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Wanita godam laman web hina Nabi

DAMMAM: Seorang wanita Alkhobar yang kini menuntut di Amerika Syarikat dipuji kerana mengambil inisiatif memusnahkan 23 laman web Denmark yang menghina Nabi Muhammad SAW, lapor akhbar Madinah kelmarin.

Nouf Rashid memberitahu akhbar berbahasa Arab itu yang beliau menggodam laman web Denmark itu yang mempunyai rujukan kartun Rasulullah bersama laman web lain yang kandungannya turut diragui menurut pandangannya.

Gadis itu berkata beliau turut memusnahkan sejumlah laman web lucah dan menggodam sistem komputer lelaki muda yang cuba menggugut gadis dengan mengancam menyiarkan gambar peribadi mereka.

Akhbar Arabnews melaporkan gadis berkenaan mendapat kemahirannya dalam bidang itu kerana minatnya mempelajari perkara baru dalam lapangan teknologi maklumat.

Nouf berkata beliau menceburi dunia penggodam untuk menyelamatkan gadis yang diugut lelaki yang mahu berkahwin dengannya dan memperoleh gambar peribadi gadis itu. Rakan mangsa meminta Nouf mencari penggodam di Amerika bagi menyelamatkan gadis itu.

“Malah, saya menghubungi beberapa rakan penggodam di universiti dan belajar seni menggodam,” katanya. – Agensi

Woman disables anti-Islam websites


DAMMAM: An Alkhobar woman studying in the United States is taking credit for destroying 23 Danish websites that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Al-Madinah newspaper reported on Thursday.
Nouf Rashid told the Arabic newspaper she was hacking into Danish websites having references to cartoons of the Prophet along with other sites that had questionable content in her view.
She said she had also destroyed a number of pornographic sites and hacked into the computer systems of young men who had tried to blackmail girls by threatening to publish their private photos. She gained expertise in the field out of a desire to learn new things in the IT field.
Nouf said she entered the hacking world to save a girl who was being blackmailed by a young man who wanted to marry her and had obtained a private photo of her. The victim’s friend had requested Nouf to look for a hacker in the US to save her from the man.
“In fact, I contacted some of my hacker friends at university and I learned from them the art of hacking,” she said.
“After this, I took the opportunity to save many women from youths who tried to blackmail them using their pictures. By the grace of God I was able to hack into their systems and erase most of their photos.”
Nouf said she had hacked into some of the Danish websites that denigrated the Prophet and shut them down. “I also sent messages and articles about Islam and the Prophet to those who managed those sites,” she pointed out.
Nouf urged girls to be cautious when using the Internet and not to open any suspicious e-mails. “We should take adequate protective measures. When doing computer maintenance, we should approach companies and individuals whom they can trust, because some workers in maintenance centers plant viruses that can spy on their clients,” she said.
According to Western media sources, more than 900 Danish websites have been hacked by groups in many countries along with individual hackers recently.
The BBC reported that the attacks typically replace home pages with pro-Islam messages and condemn the publication of the blasphemous images of the Prophet.
“We have never seen so many defacements that are politically targeted in such a short time,” Roberto Preatoni of the Internet monitoring group Zone H told BBC. He noted that most of the interference involves defacement of the website although some of the hackers have threatened the Danish people with revenge.
Like the United States, Saudi Arabia also maintains tough hacking laws with penalties up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $1.8 million.
 Preatoni told BBC that most of the sites targeted were run by small organizations and companies that do not have dedicated security workers and cannot keep up with the latest alerts and patches for vulnerabilities. However, he noted that many of the sites had been restored within 24 hours.

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